Unnecessary Censorship

And now it's time for some unnecessary censorship!

*Gasp!* Ashlee!

I'll respect their privacy.

I always did hate that purple one...

Trusted or BLEEP?

Freaky Picture of the Month - June 2006

Okay, so the month is almost over but I found this picture of Italian soccer player, Luca Toni and couldn't stop laughing!

Jake Gyllenhaal, look out!

Oh no! Jake Gyllenhaal, look out!

Long Lost Twins

It's a miracle! I've found all these people's long lost twins!

Lindsay Lohan and Big Bird

Kevin Federline and Cocoa the Gorilla

Miriam McDonald and Alexis Arquette

Elton John and Austin Powers

Jennifer Lopez and one of the dead Squirrels

So touching!

A Dead Fox and a Hedgehog

Someone asked what it would look like if Julia Volkova and Lena Katina switched hairs. Well, here you go. You asked for it. I took it seriously (and cuz I was bored) and I decided to photoshop it. And yes I know it sucks but I was in a hurry.

PS, I posted below what everyone had to say about it!

So Julia has some black roots, so what?


the photo is sooo funny =)
but i definitely prefer them when they are only themselves.
Lena is the red-head, and Julia is the brunette.thats it !


hahaha thats funny :p i deffo prefer the red head lena and brunette yulia though haha


HAHA! omg lol i really shouldnt be laughin, but that was hilarious


omg yulia looks like she has a dead fox on her shoulder n len looks like a hedgehog

The Blonde Curse

There is something wrong with all the blond celebrities. They always turn out...fugly. I'm not sure who are what but someone (possibly j.lo) is making all these blondes go from not fugly to soooo fugly. Tell me what you think. And NO! I did NOT edit these pictures. I'm serious, their just that freaky.

Britney Spears

Jessica Simpson

Cameron Diaz

As you can see, there is something seriously wrong with these people! Some might say they were caught in a bad light. Others might say, Holy crap woman! What happened to your face?!

Beware America...

Look what I found! That's soooooo HOT!

She's trying. It's your call America. But before you decide, just let me say one thing. Did you forget about this...

Aren't I cute?

Or maybe you forgot that this has been invented...

Made by Mama Spears Inc.

Your call. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Snake Eyes

Like my new contacts?

Inspiration: After repeatedly calling the Jennifer Lopez movie, Snake Eyes instead of Angel Eyes, I had to do it. Come on! She was begging for it!

J.lo must hate me...Oh well!


American Idol Commentary

You voted for them.

You know that's what their all saying...

When a Stranger Calls

Creepy Lizzie

AH! Now that's creepy!